Tetouan is the first city to submit its candidacy for the Open Government Initiative:

Yesterday, May 17, 2022, it was announced on the website of the Open Local Government Partnership Initiative https://www.opengovpartnership.org/ogp-local/ that the nomination of the Tetouan Community to join this initiative was announced, to be the first Moroccan community to join this international platform.

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative is an international network established in 2011. One of its objectives is to establish partnerships between governments and civil society actors, including associations and non-governmental organizations, in order to make the management of public affairs more transparent, open, participatory, and accountable to citizens. The local version, OGP-Local, was created in 2016 and included, before joining (the 30 new members of the local government), up to 83 territorial communities from different parts of the world.

The acceptance of the nomination of the Tetouan community is considered the culmination of the group’s path in the field of openness to the components of civil society and recognition of its efforts to establish transparency in the management of local public affairs and the development of its services, especially after obtaining the advantage of the citizen group that is granted at the national level and its satisfactory results in the program to improve the performance of groups supervised by the Ministry of the Interior.

The Tetouan community will be required, and it is in the process of preparing its work program for the period between 2023-2028, to prepare a participatory work program with various civil society activities that extends for the next three years and is concerned with the areas of transparency, integrity, the right to access information, creating spaces for citizenship, rehabilitating the structures for receiving citizens, and working towards achieving Sustainable development goals locally and making the city of Tetouan an inclusive city for all societal groups.

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